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Crenoka and Zeca
June 20, 2021
At the age of ten, a young Nastasia Paccagnini reads Robert C. O’Brien’s Z for Zachariahand this becomes a turning point, leading her down the road of visionaries such as Enki Bilal, Philip K. Dick, Miyazaki’s Nausicaä or Baudrillard. And so, Nastasia builds herself a fictional realm, finds a lifelong connection to the postmodern-cyberpunk vibe, a world where she can explore through music and writing questions such as : the human condition, technology, memory, or reality.  Now, as her alter ego Crenoka, she creates, explores and experiments. From, space sounds to computer sounds, she creates ambient bedroom pop with poem elocutions, songs, distorted sounds of the solar system and fragments of stolen reality she records with her dictaphone.   For the Fete de la Musique, Indian chapter, Crenoka will be accompanied by Audrey Silva - aka Zeca, illustrator, photograph and tattoo artist who will be drawing during the entire performance.  The show will be punctuated by dialogues about women in art, musical influences, future projects.
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